ChatGPT Openai

  What is ChatGPT “Chatgpt is a smart intelligent conversational chatbot designed to respond in a natural, intuitive way” The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to respond to follow-up inquiries, acknowledge its mistakes, … Read more

Sentient AI

  What is Sentient AI Instead of just using language in a very realistic way, an AI would need to be able to think, sense, and feel in order to be considered really sentient. However, … Read more

Drawing AI

” Creating amazing artworks using artificial intelligence“   . What is ai drawing AI Drawing Generator Artificial intelligence is now involve in every field of technology, AI Art Generator Apps are also playing a major … Read more

Tesla ai

Tesla is an American multinational automotive & clean energy company, working on ai (Artificial Intelligence) especially related to auto electric vehicles.   tesla ai chip Tesla use multiple chips/core algorithms for Self-Driving, many algorithms are … Read more

Scale ai

Scale (AI) delivers high quality training data for AI applications such as self-driving cars, AR/VR, mapping, robotics, content & language for industries like defense, logistics, Retail & ecommerce.   SCALE AI BIO Founder Founded Revenue … Read more

luddites meaning AI

  Luddites Meaning     Who were the luddites While the name “Luddite” is now used to designate anyone who is opposed to technological advancements, it has its roots in a labor movement of the … Read more

What is a drone? AI

  What is a drone? “a remote controlled pilotless aircraft or small flying device.”   UAVs were frequently linked to the military. They were first employed as platforms for weapons, which was more contentious, anti-aircraft target practice, … Read more

High Tech AI

      When referring to technological advancements, the term “high technology” (high tech) refers to the most cutting-edge technology currently in use. Both the most advanced and the most recent technologies fall under this … Read more

Nano Technology AI

What is Nano technology? Nanotechnology, or nanotech for short, is the practical application of the study and manipulation of matter at the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular levels. Molecular nanotechnology, the term used to describe the … Read more