Scale ai

Scale (AI) delivers high quality training data for AI applications such as self-driving cars, AR/VR, mapping, robotics, content & language for industries like defense, logistics, Retail & ecommerce.

Scale ai
Scale ai



Founder Founded Revenue CEO Subsidiaries CTO
Alexandr Wang, Lucy Guo 2016 near about $100 million Alexandr Wang MX Automotive GmbH, Helia AI, Inc. Brad Porter


What exactly does Scale AI do ?

The goal of Scale is to hasten the advancement of artificial intelligence. Scale make different type of applications to automate the work in different industries for faster deployment.

Scale AI Customers

  • Toyota
  • Good call
  • Kaleido
  • Harvard Medical School
  • OpenSea
  • Ambi robotics
  • Voxel
  • Nuro
  • SAP
  • Velodyne Lidar
  • Flexport
  • Timber Eye
  • Brex
  • Cellar Eye
  • States Title
  • Otto
  • OpenAI
  • Sea Machines
  • SC
  • Embark
  • Skydio
  • Skip
  • Voyage

How many employees does Scale AI have?

Scale AI Inc has more than One thousand employees which deals on different career roles like Business Operations, Design, Engineering, AI team, Enterprise Executive, Federal, Finance,GTM, Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Operations, People, Product, Security, Supply Operations.

Scale AI Competitors

  • V7
  • Cogito
  • Parallel Domain
  • Dataloop
  • Superb AI
  • Voxel51
  • Hasty
  • Select Star
  • Heartex
  • Lightly
  • Mindflow Technolgy
  • Labelbox
  • Edge Case Research
  • Aindo
  • Applied Intuition
  • CrowdWorks
  • AI.Reverie
  • Ydata
  • Snorkel AI
  • Ango AI
  • Alegion
  • Super.AI
  • Dbrain

FAQ Related to Scale AI

Who invested in scale?
Investors include Empede Capital, Mirza Canada, Raison Asset Management, Index Ventures, and others have contributed more than $660 million to Scale AI. A recent investment round raised more than $160 million, leading to a $7.4 billion post-money valuation.
Who is the owner of Scale AI?
Alexandr Wang is the owner of scale ai and also CEO fo the company from 2016.
What are the best AI stocks to buy now?
  • Mobileye
  • Micron’s memory chips


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