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What is Sentient AI

Instead of just using language in a very realistic way, an AI would need to be able to think, sense, and feel in order to be considered really sentient. However, there is disagreement among experts as to whether it is even possible for an AI system to possess these qualities.

What are the results of an AI being more sensitive than us?

“Deep Emotinal AI is bad for humanity to survive & progress”

An AI that is more sensitive than humans might be smarter than us in ways we couldn’t predict or plan for, as well as do things that surprise us in both positive & negative sense. This can lead to situations where we lose control over our creations.

AI machines are unreliable for us. Losing trust in other people if they are viewed as “less than” robots who don’t need to relax or eat like we do since machine brains can always continue to work is one possible downside of creating emotional AI. Let’s stop focusing on them now, this might result in an environment where only those with access to AIs benefit and everyone else suffers.

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What is Sentient AI Lamda

LAMDA is a very sophisticated AI chat platform that has analyzed billions of words from the internet, making it adept at talking like a human person.

Sentient ai google “LAMDA” is a software program created to generate sentences in response to sentence prompts, it is not sentient since it lacks the physiology to experience sensations and sentiments, both iOS and Android users will be able to access the chatbot.

An other sentient ai chatbot is “chatgpt”, which is from gpt3 family developed by Openai recently in december 2022.

Sentient AI Conversation

The conversation is possible with ai chatbot, according to AI researcher Blake Lemoine, he chatted with a sophisticated AI-powered chatbot, leading him to believe that the AI ​​had become “sentient”, it is programmed to behave like a human but still it is not sentient as for example every know that Google has fired a senior software developer who claimed the company’s AI chatbot has self-awareness & feelings, sentient ai google transcript is used for conversation.

With just a three-second audio clip, Microsoft claims its new text-to-speech AI can replicate your voice in its entirety.

how close are we to sentient ai

We are still very far from the sentient ai, at this time we are at starting stage of intelligent ai, after 20 to 30 years our technology may be will reach near sentient ai, an AI would need to show perception, sentiments, and possibly “free will” in addition to task intelligence in order to qualify as sentient. We might never develop a sentient AI, albeit that depends on how we define these notions.

FAQ about Sentient AI

What is the smartest AI in existence?
chatgpt is the smartest format of an AI in existence ,launched by OpenAI (AI research and deployment company), chatgpt allow you to have a natural conversation with this new intelligent powerful technology.
Which country is number 1 in AI?
USA, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany are the leading countries in AI research
Can AI feel emotions yet?
AI and neuroscience researchers agree that current types of AI cannot experience emotions themselves, although they can simulate emotions, such as empathy. Additionally, artificial voice helps these services act less robotically and express emotions more realistically.

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