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technology ai

Definition of technology and its purpose:

Technology can be defined as the practical application of scientific understanding. The issue may pertain to business or to individual lives. Technology, in this sense, refers to anything to which we apply either mathematics or science in order to achieve a desired result. It might be comparable to finding a needle in a haystack for a plane. Everything from ships and abacuses to computers and artificial intelligence is considered technology. Quantum computers, smart cities, cutting-edge AI, etc., are all examples of potential future technologies. The main purpose of technology is to make human lives easier more and more.

Moe Deep Explanation about the word Technology

the area of knowledge that deals with applied sciences or engineering.


the practical application of scientific knowledge, particularly in industry.


The use of scientific knowledge led to the development of technology and equipment.


There are various uses of technology in our daily life’s.

Uses of technology:

Today everyone is using technology in one way or another. It has become a significant part of our daily lives. There are many uses of technology that has changed our lifestyle are as follows.

  • Communication

In old times it was very hard for people to communicate with each other at long distances but now it’s very easy. There are a variety of ways to communicate today, including email, text message, instant message, online chat, telephone, and video call. This means that in less than a minute, everyone on Earth can talk to everyone else. Similarly, new forms of communication are replacing the traditional ones in the business world. In the business world, for instance, email has largely replaced other forms of communication.

  • Technology in Education

When compared to how things were done before, the impact of technology on the classroom is remarkable. Students are able to grasp complex concepts with ease thanks to today’s innovative approaches to education.

Google, You Tube, and online courses have made it possible for students to acquire virtually any knowledge or skill without ever leaving the house. These days, many classrooms make use of digital portfolios, educational games, electronic grade books, real-time feedback, etc.

  • Technology in healthcare sector:

Medical field is another one of technology’s primary applications. The success rate of potentially life-saving treatments has increased thanks to advances in medical technology. The advancement of medical science and technology has increased both human longevity and happiness. Vaccines have come a long way and now offer rapid relief from virtually any ailment.

Importance of technology:

Technology plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. It has changed our world completely and many great researches to improve technology are still in progress. It has done a lot to make our life enjoyable, easy and convenient. It’s uses, importance and purpose in our life shows itssignificance but a big question arises that technology whether a blessing or curse? The answer of this question totally depends upon it’s usage.Because it is the mindset of person who might use technology for destruction or any other dangerous purpose. The other disadvantages of technology include social isolation and loneliness, creation of dangerous weapons and low value of human workers.

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